USDJPY correction to extend through 108.50 levels

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July 15, 2021

Technical Analysis:

USDJPY corrective drop resumes its last Wave (B) lower towards 108.50 levels. It is expected to find support and resume its uptrend thereafter. Also note that 108.50 is fibonacci 0.382 retracement of larger degree Wave (3).

Structurally, USDJPY is correcting lower to terminate Wave (4) around 108.30/50 levels. It is unfolding an impulse wave since 102.59 lows registered on January 06, 2021. The last wave is expected to terminate towards 112.50/113.00 mark.

The complete wave counts are not shown here but USDJPY potentially terminated Wave (3) around 111.65 levels early this month. Also note that wave iii of 3 was an extension, which terminated at 111.00 earlier.

Going further, Wave 4 corrected lower towards 107.47 while Wave 5 unfolded as an ending diagonal, terminating at 111.65 as discussed earlier. If the above structure holds well, USDJPY should produce a larger degree Wave (4) correction lower towards 108.50 zone.

Once complete, USDJPY bulls would be inclined to push higher towards 112.50/113.00 levels at least, to terminate larger degree Wave (5). The entire structure would then terminate Wave (C) of a larger degree Wave (A)-(B)-(C) that had begun from 101.18 levels.

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