25,000€ Educational Package


This highly advanced package implies additional personalization by providing trader with 5 best forex trading strategies which we have successfully tested over with different trading instruments. The key to success lies in selection of right indicator combination and proper trading hours, which is essentially the basic principle lying at the core of each efficient strategy. With this highly personalized educational course you will gain needed proficiency to maintain consistency in your trades.

Another highlight of the package is the course on trading psychology. A recent student survey demonstrated that one of the biggest trading psychology issues that traders face, is related to their own inability to control emotions properly.

Also, the package includes additional session covering aspects of long term fundamental analysis and a detailed tutorial introducing basic rules on how to combine technical and fundamental analysis in correct way.

Services of €250 and €1000, 5000€ and 10,000€ bundles are included in the package. Realizing the importance of advanced studies in market analysis, this package is supplemented with 4 important courses. Each course includes minimum 2 full-scale sessions with our best analysts. Topics added to this package are as follows:

  1. Advanced Trading Strategies
  2. How to maintain healthy trading psychology and control emotions
  3. Correlation between technical and fundamental analysis
  4. Long-term fundamental analysis and market sentiment

Altogether, you have quite a substantial package. Having access to previous 4 packages requires an additional investment of only €15,000 for upgrade.


Advanced trading strategies

We catch the 2 main market conditions – the sideways trading and the trending. 3 out of the 5 Forex trading strategies are designed as trend following, where we use higher time frames filters to confirm the entry. The other 2 are the Forex trading strategies that are working on the sideways market, which is the hardest thing in manual trading. The simple logic behind is to buy when the price is cheep and to sell when the price is expensive.

This course is a result of testing a variety of Forex trading strategies. We have selected the once that are most stable for each broker, easy to follow manually and bring consistent profit regardless of currency, stock or commodity is applied to.

The only thing you have to do – choose whether you will make money manually or automatically.

What you will learn:

  • How to trade fully automatically, with maximum of 10-15 min work daily without programming skills
  • Limit the risk by a portfolio of different Forex trading strategies, on different currency pairs, on different time frames
  • How to trade with 5 profitable strategies in the same time and achieve better profits
  • Build the knowledge how to be on the profitable side in today’s volatile Financial Market
  • Learn most efficient indicator combinations

How to maintain healthy trading psychology and control emotions

There are many characteristics and skills required in order to be successful in the financial markets, one of the most important abilities is to contain emotions and maintain discipline when trading.

If you’ve ever been in a losing position and then had bad news occur about that certain currency pair or the general market, it’s not uncommon to get fearful.  When this happens you may overreact and close out of a losing position and then refrain from taking any more risks.  By doing this you may avoid taking any more losses, but also miss out on opportunities to make gains. On the flip side you could get angry that you’ve lost and attempt to regain your losses, which will normally lead to more losses and added frustration. Trading through emotions is a recipe for disaster which can be avoided with discipline and a solid plan.

What will you learn:

  • Expand your knowledge of trader psychology and the performance impact created
  • How to control 3 big enemies of a trader- fear, greed and hope
  • How to fight the “instant drive for recovery”
  • How to find the red button and press it at the right time ( know when to stop)
  • Greed 101 – why greed I #1 reason behind most trading disasters
  • Know the hidden secrets to trader psychology
  • Learn the key perspectives necessary for massive trading success
  • Ignite or reignite a passion for trading with a new level of understanding
  • Understand why trading is seemingly so simple yet simultaneously challenging
  • Increase your clarity about the role your mindset plays in the profitability equation
  • Excel at trading by understanding what type of trader you are
  • History lesson – losers who could have succeeded if learned what stated above

Correlation between technical and fundamental analysis

The two disciplines of fundamental and technical analysis are often set against each other and investors may think that they have to make a choice. This doesn’t need to be the case and there is a middle ground.  You can consider combining the two approaches as part of your overall investment plan.

What you will learn:

  • What is the relation between technical and fundamental analysis
  • How to combine them properly
  • How to address most controversial questions about both
  • How to avoid common pitfalls associated with both type of analysis
  • How to spot the situation where combining both could lead to a disaster