FInacademy is the leading Financial education website in the world. Powered by a team of experts in the field of trading and finance, FInacademy offers timely, trusted and actionable Financial market education for every investor, from early investors to Financial advisors to high net Worth individuals.

The training process

We do not take webinars. The method is based on individualized training sessions with the tutor facing his student in Skype via screen share of even using a deeper approach with teacher connecting to student with special Remote Desktop Access software. This further increases the efficiency of educational courses due to much more personalized nature compared to group-oriented Webinars or Video Guides.

How do we take classes?

Sessions usually take place by using the Remote Desktop access of Screen-sharing method enabling a learner easily look through and be aware of everything what teacher has to explain. Our managers make things thoroughly adjusted to the requested and agreed schedule with no necessity to interfere with your everyday routine.

Our experts will provide you with not only detailed explanation with respect to the knowledge and level of trader, but will also give live example of how trades can be implemented with selected tools and studies. We take dedicated efforts to provide you with top quality financial market education and thus give you maximum knowledge necessary for reaching success in trading. By finding a proper balance between theory and practice, our educational course is geared to suit the needs of every trader.


Session topic
Introduction to financial markets
Introduction to cryptocurrencies
Basic Technical and Fundamental,
Advanced Technical and Fundamental
5 Efficient Technical Indicators
Elliot Wave
How to build your individual trading plan?
How to maintain healthy trading psychology and control emotions
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